We will be starting up our Pre-Season Practices in October for those that aren’t currently involved in a Fall Sport.  We will be going from 3:00-4:30 each day.  We will spend time in the both the wrestling room and the weight room, working on technique and live wrestling in the wrestling room and strength training and conditioning in the weight room.  This is a great way to get ready for the start of our season in November!

Below are our dates for October and the beginning of November:

  • Tue. 10/5,  Wed. 10/6 (Girls Only Practice), Thur. 10/8
  • Tue. 10/12, Wed. 10/13 (Girls Only Practice), Thur. 10/14
  • Tue. 10/19, Thur. 10/21
  • Tue. 10/26, Thur. 10/28
  • Tue. 11/2, Wed. 11/3, Thur. 11/4
  • Tue. 11/9, Thur. 11/10

Mountainside Google Calendar (Has Pre-Season & Regular Season Practices and Competitions)


Athletic Registration

You must have all Athletic Registration Documents turned in in order to participate in any Pre-Season and Regular Season Practices!

COVID Protocols

As we did last spring during our wrestling season we will continue to implement safety precautions during our pre-season workouts.  This will help reduce the risk of exposure for all so that we can continue to have our pre-season workouts and have a good transition to the start of the season.  We were very successful last season and didn’t have any COVID related issues with our team.

Protocols in the Wrestling Room & Weight Room:

  • Masks on (Or Neck Gators) at all times
  • Work in small groups (2-4) and stay with same partner/partners each day
  • Wash mats and equipment daily

District COVID FAQ and Vaccitnation Flow Chart

District COVID FAQ Page (Has all district related information regarding COVID)

District COVID Flow Chart for Vaccinated & Unvaccinated Students (Attached Document):

  • If exposed and determined Close Contact (spending 15 or more cumulative minutes w/in 3 ft of someone who tests positive COVID or is a presumptive positive)
    • Fully Vaccinated (14 Days from last vaccination)
      • No quarantine required.  But the CDC recommends that you take a test.
        • Test result Negative-Continue everyday measures to protoect yourself and others
        • Test Result Positive- Isolate/Quarantine for 10 days
    • Not Vaccinated
      • Isolate/Quarantine for 10 days

Again, we want to do all that we can to avoid any issues and have a successful pre-season that leads to a great start to the regular season!  We are really looking forward to getting going and having a successful season!