Mavs Compete Well at Oregon City Tournamnet

We had a great day of Wrestling yesterday at the Tyrone Woods Memorial Tournament at Oregon City.  It was a very long day, but we had a lot of good wrestling from all of our wrestlers and we are looking forward to getting back to work this week to work on things and get ready for this coming Thursday and Saturday!

As a team, we placed 8th out of 26 teams and had 9 wrestlers place in the top 10.  We were also able to get 4 extra’s into an Extra B Bracket and all 4 placed. Our girls also got to compete in the Girls Tournament and placed 12th out of 20 teams and all 3 girls placed in their brackets.

Varsity Top 10 Placers:

1st: Brody Lybarger (106); Michael Madden (195)

4th: John McKay (120)

6th: Evan Cowan (106)

7th: Joey Evanston (120); Daniel Hanlon (152)

8th: Tate Sebesta (182); Abe Gonzalez Mendoza (285)

10th: Dylan Gore (160

Extra B-Tournament Placers:

2nd: Corry Iascau (160)

3rd: River McKee (152); Preston Cowan (160)

6th: Andrew Vranizan (152)

Girls Top 10 Placers:

2nd: Layla Morris (125)

4th: Arawyn Francis (145)

6th: Addison Burleigh (135)

Pre-Season Practices Starting Soon!!!

We will be starting up our Pre-Season Practices in October for those that aren’t currently involved in a Fall Sport.  We will be going from 3:00-4:30 each day.  We will spend time in the both the wrestling room and the weight room, working on technique and live wrestling in the wrestling room and strength training and conditioning in the weight room.  This is a great way to get ready for the start of our season in November!

Below are our dates for October and the beginning of November:

  • Tue. 10/5,  Wed. 10/6 (Girls Only Practice), Thur. 10/8
  • Tue. 10/12, Wed. 10/13 (Girls Only Practice), Thur. 10/14
  • Tue. 10/19, Thur. 10/21
  • Tue. 10/26, Thur. 10/28
  • Tue. 11/2, Wed. 11/3, Thur. 11/4
  • Tue. 11/9, Thur. 11/10

Mountainside Google Calendar (Has Pre-Season & Regular Season Practices and Competitions)


Athletic Registration

You must have all Athletic Registration Documents turned in in order to participate in any Pre-Season and Regular Season Practices!

COVID Protocols

As we did last spring during our wrestling season we will continue to implement safety precautions during our pre-season workouts.  This will help reduce the risk of exposure for all so that we can continue to have our pre-season workouts and have a good transition to the start of the season.  We were very successful last season and didn’t have any COVID related issues with our team.

Protocols in the Wrestling Room & Weight Room:

  • Masks on (Or Neck Gators) at all times
  • Work in small groups (2-4) and stay with same partner/partners each day
  • Wash mats and equipment daily

District COVID FAQ and Vaccitnation Flow Chart

District COVID FAQ Page (Has all district related information regarding COVID)

District COVID Flow Chart for Vaccinated & Unvaccinated Students (Attached Document):

  • If exposed and determined Close Contact (spending 15 or more cumulative minutes w/in 3 ft of someone who tests positive COVID or is a presumptive positive)
    • Fully Vaccinated (14 Days from last vaccination)
      • No quarantine required.  But the CDC recommends that you take a test.
        • Test result Negative-Continue everyday measures to protoect yourself and others
        • Test Result Positive- Isolate/Quarantine for 10 days
    • Not Vaccinated
      • Isolate/Quarantine for 10 days

Again, we want to do all that we can to avoid any issues and have a successful pre-season that leads to a great start to the regular season!  We are really looking forward to getting going and having a successful season!

Mavs Place 2 at State Tournament

The Mavs competed this past weekend (June 25th-26th) at the State Tournament at Newberg High School. As a team we placed 11th, 1.5 pts. away from a top 10 finish. We also had two Wrestlers Place, as Arian Tajgerdu Placed 4th at 152 lbs. and Sam Balderston Placed 6th at 145 lbs.

Mavs State Tournament Team: Anthony Soriano 120; Aidan Lybarger 126; Alex Wesselman 138; Sam Balderston 145; Arian Tajgerdu 152; Tim Vranizan 152; Noah Morris 160; James Richardson 182; Michael Madden 195; Evan Dooley 195; Abe Gonzalez Mendoza 285.

Arian Tajgerdu 4th Place at 152 lbs.

Sam Balderston 6th Place at 145 lbs.

In Person Conditioning to Resume

I wanted to update everyone on the re-start of our In Person Conditioning Workouts.  We paused all of our in person workouts in December when it was announced that our Wrestling Season was pushed back to May 10th.  We are planning on starting back up with In Person Workouts in March, going on Mondays and Wednesdays starting on Monday March 8th.   We will go from 3:30-4:45 on Mondays and Wednesday for the month of March with the exception of Spring Break.

Conditioning Dates:  3/8, 3/11 (Thursday), 3/15, 3/17, 3/29, 4/1 (Thursday) (6 Total)

As of right now, we will be conditioning outside, but this may change to indoors.

Metro League District Championships!

What an amazing day of wrestling we had Saturday as we were able to come out on top in the Metro League District Tournament and earn our Team’s and school’s first ever District Championship!  It was a total team effort as everyone contributed to our championship!

Team Scores:
Mountainside 374, Aloha 338, Westview 321.5, Southridge 185.5, Sunset 122, Beaverton 94.5

District Placers: 23 Overall Placers
1st: Jontae Allen 195, Marlon Barrios 220
2nd: Aidan Lybarger 120, Alex Wesselman 126, Arian Tajgerdu 138, Nick Calhoun 152, Evan Dooley 170, Ramtin Yazdani 182
3rd: Tim Vranizan 132,
4th: Noah Morris 120, Michael Madden 152, Grant Reschke 160, Marquez Oblad 170, Josue Gonzalez 285
5th: Kai McDonald 106, Anthony Soriano 113, Deiahdeen Alhjaj 132, Skylar Ivongthep 138, Sam Balderston 145,
6th: Eston Allred 106, Ivan Fabela 126, Myloh Thai-Harbeck 145, Tyler Pollitt 182

State Qualifiers:
Jontae Allen, Marlon Barrios, Aidan Lybarger, Alex Wesselman, Arian Tajgerdu, Nick Calhoun, Evan Dooley, Ramtin Yazdani and Tim Vranizan

Mavs Claim Team Title at Tim Patrick Invitational!

On Friday the Mavs Claimed their First Team Title in Mountainside Wrestling History by winning the Tim Patrick Invitational at Milwaukie High School.  It was a total team effort as we had 19 wrestlers place in the tournament!

Team Scores:

1st: Mountainside-363.5 2nd: Milwaukie-204 3rd: Forest Grove-172 4th Corvallis-170 5th: Southridge-140 6th: Harrisburg- 137   7th:  Parkrose-118  8th: Madison-76.5 .  9th:  Roosevelt-45   10th: Benson- 31

Below are all of our place winners:
1st:  Aidan Lybarger, Alex Wesselman, Ivan Fabela & Sam Balderston
2nd:  Dean Alhjaj, Michael Madden, Nick Calhoun, Marlon Barrios,  & Noah Morris
3rd: Tim Vranizan, Arian Tajgerdu, Ramtin Yazdani, & Jontae Allen
4th:  Eli Gold, & Myloh Thai-Harbeck
5th:  Marco Navarro, & Marquez Oblad
6th:  Anthony Soriano, & Dylan Gore

Mavs Finish 2nd at Herrin Classic

On Saturday, the Mavs wrestled and competed well!  As a team we finished 2nd out of 14 Teams with contributions from all of our wrestlers!

Top 5 Teams: 1. Centennial 279.5 2. Mountainside 181 3. South Salem 169.5 4. McKay 156.5 5. Tigard 144.5

Individual Placers (Top 4)
1st Place: 182- Ramtin Yazdani, 195 Jontae Allen
2nd Place: 145-Sam Balderston, 170- Nick Calhoun, 220- Marlon Barrios
3rd Place (Tie): 152- Arian Tajgerdu


Mavs Wrestle Well at Tyrone S. Woods Memorial Tournament

On Saturday the Mavs competed at the Tyrone S. Woods tournament at Oregon City.  As a team we had a strong showing as we placed 5th out of 23 teams!  It was a great start to the season as all of our wrestlers got lots of mat time!

Top 5 Teams:

  1. Sprague- 316.5
  2. Redmond- 244.5
  3. Hermiston- 233
  4. Sherwood- 232.5
  5. Mountainside-203

Below are our top 10 Place Finishers:

2nd Place:  Aidan Lybarger, Ramtin Yazdani

4th Place: Evan Dooley

5th Place: Sam Balderston, Jontae Allen and Tyler Pollitt

7th Place: Alex Wesselman and Nick Calhoun

8th Place: Tim Vranizan

9th Place: Marlon Barrios