Mavs Win Tigard Invitational

On Saturday, the Mavs took first in the Tigard Invitational beating out 9 other teams. We had 15 placers overall, as we had contributions from everyone.

Tigard Results:

Team Champions!  1st out of 10 teams

  1. Mountainside 316.5 2. St. Helens 302. 3. Liberty 225. 4. Tigard 204.5. 6. Caldera 119.5 7. Nelson 119. 8. McDanial 93.5 9. Lake Oswego 59 10. The Dalles 53.0

1st: Brody Lybarger (106); Payton Lawson (145); Noah Morris (152); James Richardson (170)

2nd: Ethan Bergen (182); Tate Sebesta (220); Elijah Soriano (285)

3rd: Layla Morris (113); Joey Evanston (120); David McRae (160)

4th: Zach Wesselman (160)

5th: Maxwell Evanston (120)

6th: Billy Mastripolito (126); Andrew Vranizan (132); Cody Campbell (182)

Mav Girls fall just short against Southridge

On Wednesday, the Mav Girls battled tough but came up just short in their dual against Southridge losing 30-33.

Weight SummaryMounSout
100  Hazel Rouse (Mountainside) over Unknown (For.)60
105  Double Forfeit00
110  Double Forfeit00
115  Natalie Kawaguchi (Mountainside) over Faith Arnold (Southridge) (Fall 0:53)60
120  Layla Morris (Mountainside) over Mya Simensen (Southridge) (Fall 0:21)60
125  Kate Morgan (Mountainside) over Kalei Codeiro (Southridge) (Fall 0:24)60
130  Sam Lancaster (Mountainside) over Unknown (For.)60
135  Elsa King (Southridge) over Unknown (For.)06
140  Adriana Wallace (Southridge) over Unknown (For.)06
145  Jocelyn Gutierrez (Southridge) over Unknown (For.)06
155  Nora Ayers (Southridge) over Angelina Miller (Mountainside) (Dec 7-0)03
170  Shreya Prasad (Southridge) over Jayna Kulukulualani (Mountainside) (Fall 3:52)06
190  Double Forfeit00
235  McKayla Lind (Southridge) over Unknown (For.)06
Team Score:3033

Mav Boys beat Southridge

On Wednesday, the Mav Boys defeated Southridge 58-12!

 Eli Scott (Southridge) over Unknown (For.)06
113  Brody Lybarger (Mountainside) over Unknown (For.)60
120  Joey Evanston (Mountainside) over Gavin Fritz (Southridge) (Fall 1:12)60
126  Maxwell Evanston (Mountainside) over Nicholas Dobbins (Southridge) (Dec 6-4)30
132  Nicolas Garza (Southridge) over William Mastripolito (Mountainside) (Fall 0:25)06
138  Andrew Vranizan (Mountainside) over Aaron Hibdon (Southridge) (Dec 5-2)30
145  Payton Lawson (Mountainside) over Caden Major (Southridge) (MD 17-4)40
152  Dylan Gore (Mountainside) over Jackson Fritz (Southridge) (Dec 5-2)30
160  David McRae (Mountainside) over Aron Peralta (Southridge) (Fall 1:47)60
170  Noah Morris (Mountainside) over Bruno Denezza (Southridge) (Fall 1:38)60
182  James Richardson (Mountainside) over Camden Chira (Southridge) (Fall 0:47)60
195  Ethan Bergen (Mountainside) over Alfredo Gomez (Southridge) (Fall 1:08)60
220  Tate Sebesta (Mountainside) over John Granado (Southridge) (Fall 0:36)60
285  Elijah Soriano (Mountainside) over Kaleb Bailey (Southridge) (Dec 3-1)30
Team Score:5812

Mavs Compete well at McMinnville

We had a good day of wrestling yesterday at the McMinnville tournament as all wrestlers that competed got at least two matches each.  As a team we finished 6th out of 18 teams

McMinnville Results:

Boys Placers:

1st Place: Brody Lybarger (113)

3rd Place: Noah Morris (160)

5th Place: Payton Lawson (145); James Richardson (170); Tate Sebesta (220)

6th Place: Elijah Soriano (285)

Girls Champions:

  • Natalie Kawaguchi; Layla Morris; Kate Morgan

Mav Boys Come out on Top Vs. Beaverton

Last night the Maverick Boys won a back and forth dual vs. Beaverton coming out on top 38-32.

Dual Meet Results:

106  Calixto Estrada (Beaverton) over Unknown (For.)06
113  Brody Lybarger (Mountainside) over Jesse Theriot (Beaverton) (Fall 2:55)60
120  Joey Evanston (Mountainside) over Angel Cabrera (Beaverton) (Fall 1:29)60
126  Corrin McCullough (Beaverton) over Maxwell Evanston (Mountainside) (Dec 7-5)03
132  Dylan Theroit (Beaverton) over Andrew Vranizan (Mountainside) (MD 11-0)04
138  John McKay (Mountainside) over Jesus Cabrera (Beaverton) (TF 20-5 2:37)50
145  Nick Gianotti (Beaverton) over Payton Lawson (Mountainside) (Dec 6-2)03
152  Angel Ruano (Beaverton) over River McKee (Mountainside) (Fall 1:04)06
160  Marwan Aman (Beaverton) over Dylan Gore (Mountainside) (Fall 2:32)06
170  David McRae (Mountainside) over Alexis Romero (Beaverton) (Fall 2:29)60
182  James Richardson (Mountainside) over Silvestre Mendez (Beaverton) (Dec 9-8)30
195  Ethan Bergen (Mountainside) over Cristian Staru (Beaverton) (Fall 0:31)60
220  Andre Cazares Rodriguez (Beaverton) over Tate Sebesta (Mountainside) (MD 13-2)04
285  Elijah Soriano (Mountainside) over Unknown (For.)

Girls Battle Tough against Beaverton

Last night the Varsity Girls battled tough in a close dual to Beaverton at home losing 30-40.

Dual Meet Results:

 Abby Nieves Alfaro (Beaverton) over Hazel Rouse (Mountainside) (MD 8-0)04
105  Julianne Daniel (Beaverton) over Unknown (For.)06
110  Aliviah West (Beaverton) over Unknown (For.)06
115  Ariel Ortega (Beaverton) over Unknown (For.)06
120  Maya Barrios (Beaverton) over Layla Morris (Mountainside) (Fall 1:44)06
125  Natalie Kawaguchi (Mountainside) over Alexandra Coleman (Beaverton) (Fall 2:50)60
130  Addison Burleigh (Mountainside) over Naomi Cruz (Beaverton) (Fall 1:03)60
135  Sam Lancaster (Mountainside) over Unknown (For.)60
140  Gracie Boer (Beaverton) over Kate Morgan (Mountainside) (Fall 1:42)06
145  Unknown vs. Unknown00
155  Angelina Miller (Mountainside) over Unknown (For.)60
170  Jayna Kulukulualani (Mountainside) over Unknown (For.)60
190  Leslie Tello-Ramirez (Beaverton) over Unknown (For.)06
235  Unknown vs. Unknown