Last Thursday Night, the Mavs took on the Sunset Apollos and came away victorious!

Mountainside 64, Sunset 10

Anthony Soriano over Tabor Whitehead by Fall 3:21

Aidan Lybarger winner by Forfeit

Alex Wesselman winner by Forfeit

Ivan Fabela winner by Forfeit

Jonathan Flores loss by MD to Humberto Soto

Sam Balderston over Daniel Craig 5-4

Arian Tajgerdu over McLain Asad by Fall 1:16

Tyler Pollit over Josh Hinds by Fall 1:40

Nick Calhoun over Seth Young MD 17-9

Marquez Oblad over Sam Wallis 8-4

Evan Dooley over Will Tayo by Fall 1:04

Marlon Barrios over Devon Roberts by Fall :50

Jontae Allen over Taye Courtney by Fall 1:06

Mountainside Forfeit to Gustavo Mendez