On Thursday, both the Boys and Girls teams defeated Aloha in League Duals. The boys won 46-30 and the girls won 42-6.

Boys Dual Results:

 Brody Lybarger (Mountainside) over Unknown (For.)06
113  Deniel Alejandrino (Aloha) over Evan Cowan (Mountainside) (Fall 1:56)60
120  Joey Evanston (Mountainside) over Tanner Hanna (Aloha) (MD 21-9)04
126  Jesus Orea (Aloha) over Maxwell Evanston (Mountainside) (Dec 5-2)30
132  Moises Lopez (Aloha) over William Mastripolito (Mountainside) (TF 18-3 4:37)50
138  Ruben Hernandez (Aloha) over Andrew Vranizan (Mountainside) (MD 16-5)40
145  Payton Lawson (Mountainside) over Trayvon Turk (Aloha) (Fall 5:41)06
152  Noah Morris (Mountainside) over Ashton Brock (Aloha) (Fall 1:40)06
160  Dylan Gore (Mountainside) over Kevin Campuzano Lopez (Aloha) (Fall 0:46)06
170  James Richardson (Mountainside) over Hussein Alrubaye (Aloha) (Fall 0:43)06
182  Ethan Bergen (Mountainside) over Unknown (For.)06
195  Richard Gomez (Aloha) over Cody Campbell (Mountainside) (Fall 3:32)60
220  Tate Sebesta (Mountainside) over Rolando Ramirez Dzul (Aloha) (Fall 0:29)06
285  Noah Miner (Aloha) over Elijah Soriano (Mountainside) (Fall 1:46)60
Team Score:3046

Girls Dual Results:

Weight SummaryAlohMoun
100  Double Forfeit00
105  Double Forfeit00
110  Double Forfeit00
115  Layla Morris (Mountainside) over Archer McLain (Aloha) (Fall 0:49)06
120  Natalie Kawaguchi (Mountainside) over Unknown (For.)06
125  Addison Burleigh (Mountainside) over Tiana Rosas (Aloha) (Fall 1:46)06
130  Kate Morgan (Mountainside) over Bianca Ballesteros (Aloha) (Fall 2:42)06
135  Sam Lancaster (Mountainside) over Unknown (For.)06
140  Double Forfeit00
145  Double Forfeit00
155  Angelina Miller (Mountainside) over Unknown (For.)06
170  Jayna Kulukulualani (Mountainside) over Unknown (For.)06
190  Elizabeth Kim (Aloha) over Unknown (For.)60
235  Double Forfeit00
Team Score:642